Full Stack With a Large Dose of Hustle.

Design. Development. Mobile. Backend.

I go all-out to make an impact in what I do.

I’m Passionate About Creating

I’ve developed software since I was 13. Started my own software business before graduating high school. I built a cloud-based music management service which runs in over 80 venues across England and an eCommerce platform with an automated fulfillment backend. I’m building the marketing and technology behind a SAAS for a young publishing company.

I love building, software is my art.

Backend Expert with a Generalist’s Creativity

I’ve been working professionally with technology for over a decade as a full stack programmer. I’m an expert backend Rails developer and systems architect with a host of other experiences.

iPhone apps, integration with large CRM systems, custom corporate software applications, marketing squeeze pages, email campaigns, personal platforms for leaders, accounting systems for small businesses, call center development, logo design.

All of these experiences have made me a divergent thinker who operates out of deep technical experience coupled with tactical knowledge of various technologies.

Who I've Worked With

Technically, I’m Not Just a Developer

Although technology is my craft, I’m a student of leadership, marketing, and business. A insatiable appetite for learning has propelled me into horizontal experiences which have enlarged the scope of my thinking.

I’ve jumped into projects where I’m the project manager, contract negotiator, and business analysts. I thrive in environments where what’s required pushes against the fringes of what I believe I can do.

I’m a Blogger, Too

My Manifesto

I enjoy meeting new people, helping new contacts, and sharing knowledge. I strongly believe that life is not a zero-sum game and there is more than enough opportunities for everyone, especially when generosity is driving action.

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