Some of the specific technologies or services that I’ve worked with in the past and have deep knowledge of are listed below.

However, I’m not limited to these categories at all. My strengths in strategic analysis and analytical thinking give me the tools to fuel my desire to jump in and learn something new.

I’m a quick read and love a good challenge. Most of the projects I’ve worked on have required me to quickly pick up new programming languages, understand business processes, work with a large code base, interface with different departments, etc.

WordPress Platform Development & Customization

Through Rivet I’ve developed many WordPress sites which integrate with various external services and help leaders, speakers, and others build an online presence.

Customized eCommerce Applications using Spree Commerce

Large customized eCommerce applications are hard. There are some great out of the box solutions that have been created (Shopify, Square, etc) that solve the needs of most small store owners. However, they offer limited ability for customization, especially when it comes to integrating with back-office ERP and CRM systems.

I have experiencing designing, developing, and maintaining a large eCommerce application. Many customizations needed to made: digital goods distribution, live events integration, custom bulk discount schedules, back-office ERP software integration, transactional email customization, referall MP3 programs, and lots more. All my eCommerce work has used Spree Commerce on the backend.

Spree Commerce is a well-designed programmer friendly (and therefore customization friendly) eCommerce platform. I’ve developed or contributed to many Spree extensions as well as contributed to the core Spree software.

Custom Web Applications Built with Ruby on Rails

Although I have more years of experience with PHP, I consider myself a ‘rails guy’. I’ve been using it on a daily basis for nearly two years now and love it. I’ve written many custom web applications with it: I consider Rails the best way to write web applications rapidly.

Complex MailChimp API Integrations

MailChimp is an incredible email marketing tool with a lot of automation power. My work with MailChimp has been diverse: text to subscribe services, automated RSS based email campaigns triggered and formatted by WordPress, automated drip campaigns, eCommerce integration, HTML email template development, internal marketing process development and team management, moving from other ESPs to MailChimp, etc.

NetSuite Integration using Webservices SOAP API

I’ve patched the PHP NetSuite toolkit in addition to being the primary maintainer for the ruby NetSuite WebServices SOAP API gem. NetSuite, from the perspective of the developer, is a royal pain to work with. Outdated and undocumented APIs, lack of a solid toolkit, backend errors caused by GUI configuration options, and many more quirks make it very challenging to make a solid application that integrates with NetSuite.

I’ve fought through the challenges of integrating with NetSuite and can develop custom integrations to standard NetSuite records, as well as custom NetSuite data structures, in your Rails application.

Mobile Application Development

A mobile “app” is becoming more and more of a vauge term. An “app” could mean a HTML based application responsively designed, a HTML based website designed for mobile excluseively, a hybrid HTML + native approach, or a completely native application using Objective-c, RubyMotion, or another fully native compiling software toolchain.

I have had some experience with all of the above. I have app on Apple’s store and the majority of recent websites I’ve worked on are responsively designed. I’m a big fan of RubyMotion but have also have experience with Objective-C.

ISRC Code Reporting Software

Retrieving ISRC (International Standard Reporting Code) codes for MP3 file or structured song information is a challenging process. I’ve developed custom software to retrieve ISRC codes from PPL UK’s song database based on the ID3 information associated with different audio file formats (MP3, M4A, etc).

Modular & Maintainable WordPress Plugin Development

Maintaining highly customized WordPress installations can be a pain once upgrades start to come out or plugins start to have code collisions.

I’ve carefully crafted large WordPress installations with a suite of plugins – some already developed, some developed by myself – that were chosen and built in to allow for easy upgradability and extensibility.

Email Template & Automated Marketing Development

In addition to MailChimp integration, I’ve developed custom HTML email templates for MailChimp, Mandrill, and other email systems. Much of the work is open source. I’ve also developed systems on WordPress and other platforms to power beautiful, automated, email newsletters.